University of Toronto

Innis Alumni & Friends

Community Affairs Board

2016-17 Membership

  • Moderator: Rita Chen
  • Secretary: Marta Switzer
  • Assessors: Ennis Blentic (Associate Director, Advancement), Donald Boere (Assistant Principal & Registrar), Kate Johnson (Librarian), Ben Weststrate (ICC Secretary & Communications Officer)
  • General Members: James An, Elpseth Arbow, Shauna Brail, Joel Colby, Sharon English, Webnesh Haile, Brianne Katz-Griffin, Charlie Keil, Fraser Kelly, Cove MacDonald, Troy Peschke, Tony Pi, Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, Lesli Ransom, Joanne Uyede, Ethan Wong

Upcoming Meetings

  • None scheduled

Composition, Powers & Responsibilities

(excerpt from Innis College Council Constitution, pp. 8-9)

  1. Composition: The Community Affairs Board shall consist of at least sixteen members, including:
    1. ex officio: four members defined in By-Law II.D., the Chief Administrative Officer, the Associate Director, Advancement, the IRC President, ICSS Graduating Student Representative;
    2. the alumni member of Council;
    3. the President of Later Life Learning or delegate;
    4. one Principal’s Appointee to Council selected by the Principal;
    5. one faculty member of Council selected by the Principal;
    6. three student members of Council.
  2. Powers and Responsibilities: The Community Affairs Board shall:
    1. monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the College fund-raising and public relations strategies;
    2. encourage the development of responsive relationships between the College and the community;
    3. receive the reports pertaining to alumni development;
    4. receive the reports of Later Life Learning .