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Innis Alumni Mentorship Program

The Innis Alumni Mentorship Program is dedicated to facilitating instructive and meaningful connections between current students and successful alumni, like you! Through one to one mentee-mentor relationships, you will have the opportunity to share your valuable experiences and insights with a student, helping to create a meaningful university experience and prepare for life beyond Innis.

Reconnect with Innis College and become a volunteer mentor, supporting current students and expanding your own network.

Getting Started
The starting point for new alumni mentors is to complete the online registration form. Your submission will enter you into our mentor pool and give us necessary information about your student-career pathway that we can use to find you a complementary student mentee match.

Simultaneously, our team accepts applications and conducts interviews with Innis, Cinema Studies, Urban Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric Students to develop a roster of potential mentees, who could benefit most from our program.

Next, the Mentorship Committee will establish one-to-one pairings between alumni and students, based upon a variety of criteria.

  1. The first branch of our program focuses on Career Alumni Mentorship, within which pairings are largely based upon mentee career aspirations and mentor career experiences.
  2. The second (and brand new!) branch is Young Alumni Mentorship, where the pairing process focuses on the university of experiences of mentees and mentors: inside, alongside, and outside of the classroom.

Once these pairings are established, we will inaugurate the Mentorship Program with a Launch Party at the College (Thursday, October 20, 2016). Should you be able to attend, this will be a great chance to meet your mentee for the first time.

Program Details
The Innis Alumni Mentorship Program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs and circumstances of each mentor/mentee relationship. The preferred method of communication will be pre-determined through the application process and is by no means limited to face-to-face meetings (e.g., email, phone, Skype, in-person).

In terms of frequency, we recommend connecting with your mentee at least once per month throughout the duration of the program (October to March). You may decide to interact more often or extend your mentorship beyond the prescribed dates of the program.

Mentor Support
We will provide you with as much support as possible. This begins with our online Mentorship Handbook, which outlines best practices for a successful mentor-mentee relationship, as well as a more in-depth look at the responsibilities of a mentor.

Early in the program, participants are asked to complete a Mentorship Agreement, which allows each pairings to explicitly and mutually establish their expectations and goals for the program. Following this, we will touch base twice more with midpoint check-in and program closing surveys.

Furthermore, our team at Innis College will always be available to address any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the program. Our goal, as facilitators, is to ensure this will be a rewarding and meaningful experience for both the mentor and student.

Joining the Program
Click here to access the Mentor registration form. If you have any questions about the program please contact us at

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4th Innis Student and ICSS Upper Year Representative, Jasmine Denike with Canada’s first Ambassador to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Mark McDowell (Innis, 1990)

4th Innis Student and ICSS Upper Year Representative, Jasmine Denike with Canada’s first Ambassador to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Mark McDowell (Innis, 1990)


“As an upper year student at Innis College, I am constantly being asked what my plans are after graduation. I often have a difficult time providing an answer. A mentorship program would mean that students would have a chance to become better equipped for post-graduation. I would love to have the opportunity to have a mentor who could help me answer my questions about life after Innis college and maybe even provide insight about what opportunities they found and how.” – Jasmine Denike (Innis, 2015)