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Mentee | Terms of Agreement

In my role as a participating student, I agree to:

  1. Maintain a relationship with my mentor from October 2016* to March 2017
  2. Attend a student Mentee Orientation Session in October 2016, if I have not previously done so
  3. Complete and submit online program evaluations by due dates
  4. Complete and submit online Mentorship Agreement form by due date
  5. Meet/contact with my mentor a minimum of once per month during the duration of the program (either in person, e-mail, phone or video chat, as agreed upon between me and my mentor)
  6. Maintain a mutually convenient contact schedule with my mentor
  7. Be present and on time for all agreed upon meetings and events
  8. Advise my mentor 24 hours in advance if I am unable to attend scheduled meetings
  9. Respond to e-mails/phone calls/communication promptly
  10. I will NOT solicit my mentor for employment
  11. Conduct myself in a professional manner
  12. Observe confidentiality and personal/professional boundaries
  13. Be receptive to feedback and suggestions from my mentor and follow-up on tasks they may assign
  14. Explore my own strengths and weaknesses and set relevant goals
  15. Take advantage of opportunities for networking and building professional relationships
  16. Write a thank you letter to my mentor at the end of the program
  17. Contact a member of the Mentorship Committee if any concerns arise
  18. Have as much fun as possible!

It is your responsibility to prepare in advance for each contact with your mentor. This is to ensure that communication is both productive and informative, as well as a beneficial use of time for both you and your mentor.

*For those pairings that were unable to meet at the Launch Event, their start date should reflect the day that their email introduction was facilitated by the organizing committee.