University of Toronto

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Mentor | Terms of Agreement

In my role as a participating mentor, I agree to:

  1. Maintain a relationship with my mentee from October 2016* to March 2017
  2. Complete and submit an online program evaluation at the end of the program
  3. Meet/contact my mentee a minimum of once per month during the duration of the program (either in person, e-mail, phone or video chat, as agreed upon between me and my mentee)
  4. Maintain a mutually convenient contact schedule with my mentee
  5. Be present and on time for all agreed upon meetings and events
  6. Advise my mentee 24 hours in advance if I am unable to attend scheduled meetings
  7. Respond to e-mails/phone calls/communication promptly
  8. Observe confidentiality and personal/professional boundaries
  9. Provide feedback and advice to my mentee and follow-up on tasks I may assign
  10. Help my mentee explore his/her strengths and weaknesses and set relevant goals
  11. Speak to my own academic and career journey with my mentee
  12. Contact a member of the Mentorship Committee if any concerns arise

*For those pairings that were unable to meet at the Launch Event, their start date should reflect the day that their email introduction was facilitated by the organizing committee.