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2016-17 Program Description & Timeline

The Innis Alumni Mentorship Program matches upper-year student mentees in one-to-one pairings with mentors from the Innis Alumni & Friends Community.

Each pair has been carefully brought together by a committee representing the Offices of Advancement, the Registrar, and Student Life, here at Innis College. This collaborative matching process focuses on compatibility between mentees’ undergraduate and career goals, and mentors’ student-career experiences.

Once participants are suitably matched, the mentors and mentees set the agenda and expectations moving forward. The Mentorship Committee remains available in a supporting role as the Mentorship relationship progresses.

By the end of the program, it is the hope that mentees have been able to explore career paths, set goals and have learned tips to better network, promote and advance themselves after graduation. Who better to aid in this important transition than those who have worn the same shoes before? This is also a community building opportunity for Innis College, by creating a new and meaningful means of engagement for our valued alumni and friends.

  • Summer 2017 |  Recruitment for 2017-18 Mentorship Program Begins

Photo Gallery: Program Wrap-up Dinner

2016-17 Innis Alumni Mentorship Program - Wrap-up

2016-17 Mentorship Handbook (PDF)

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Please know that our Mentorship Coordinators are here to support you, with discretion, throughout your mentorship experience. While we have been quite thoughtful and rigorous in our matching process, an unanticipated issue between a mentor and mentee may arise. If you find yourself in such a position, we encourage you to contact a coordinator without delay. We would much rather circumvent an issue from happening in the first place, than for your mentorship relationship to be compromised altogether.