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The Innis College alumni community consists of over 10,000 alumni, who currently reside in nearly 70 countries worldwide. Our alumni reflect the dynamism of Innis, pursuing their passions and finding careers in a wide range of professional fields, from diplomacy and governance, to filmmaking and medicine.

The alumni profiles featured here were submitted to Innis College by the individuals represented and are copyright of Innis College. The text and photographs may not be reproduced without written permission of Innis College and the individual profiled. The information was up-to-date at posting.

  • Aditi Mehta

    Aditi Mehta

    Aditi Mehta is an assistant professor, teaching stream, in the urban studies program at Innis College. Aditi earned her masters in city planning and her PhD at MIT. Her research interests include technology and civic engagement, participatory planning, community development, and issues surrounding racial and ethnic diversity. Aditi’s work bridges academics with community involvement and […]

  • Philip N. Howard

    Professor, author, and alumnus, Philip N. Howard’s research focuses on the impact of digital media on the political landscape. He is currently a Fellow at Columbia University, an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, and a Professor at the University of Washington. He is also the founding Professor at the new School of Public Policy […]

  • Mia Parres

    Mia Parres is an Innis alumna whose focus at University of Toronto was on fine arts, architecture, and urban planning. After her time at the U of T, Mia furthered her education at the Architecture Association in London, England; at Parsons, The New School of Design, in New York City, and then returned to the […]

  • Christopher Heron

    Christopher Heron has completed two degrees while at Innis College. After completing his undergraduate degree specializing in Cinema Studies and English, he hung around to complete his M.A. in Cinema Studies. He is a founder and current host/producer/writer/editor of the Toronto-based video magazine, The Seventh Art.       What were your programs of study […]

  • Ian Aley

    After graduating from Innis College with a double major in Urban Studies and Environmental Studies, Ian Aley worked for 4 years with FoodShare, a Toronto-based non-profit organization. Ian worked as a community food animator, building community capacity in low-income neighbourhoods to run community kitchens, markets, and gardens. He now lives in Madison, Wisconsin, the town […]

  • Rita Chen

    Innis Alumna, Rita Chen, has been able to travel the world while working in the industry of International Education. Her current role as Partner Relations Manager for IDP Education Pty Ltd requires her to develop international recruitment strategies for Canadian University and Colleges. Over the course of her career, Rita has been able to put […]

  • Ryan Lamers

    4th year student, Ryan Lamers, can be described as the quintessential Innis student. The current Innis College Student Society President (ICSS), Ryan is majoring in Urban Studies while also minoring in Cinema Studies. From academics and student governance, to athletics and student life, Ryan is literally involved in all aspects of Innis College.     […]

  • Nishi Kumar

    While studying as an undergraduate student, alumna, Nishi Kumar, pursued Urban Studies and Environmental Geography while also minoring in Geographic Information Systems. She recently wrote a piece entitled, City of Neighbourhoods, which was published in The Varsity Magazine, a student-run publication at U of T. The article profiles Toronto neighbourhoods that intersect in the east […]

  • Dani Legault

    Innis & CSI alumna, Dani Legault, completed her degree in cinema studies in spring of 2014. She also holds a diploma in radio broadcasting from Seneca College, class of 2007. She has been continuously employed in syndicated radio since fall of 2007, variously as a technical producer, content producer, or writer. Currently she writes The […]

  • Sandra Moore

    Innis Alumna, Sandra Moore, has been navigating her way through the corporate banking landscape. Throughout her journey, she has identified some common guidelines that are sure to be helpful for anyone trying to breakthrough into this corporate world. Armed with great insight, she has shared with us her work rules to live by. What were […]

  • Alim Lalani

    As a student, Alim Lalani was highly involved in all aspects of Innis life. From student life and governance to athletics, Alim utilized his extra-curriculars to gain valuable experience that has helped shape his career path. Currently the Program Manager in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Alim helps enhance the student experience […]

  • Salwa Hasan

    Innis Alumna, Salwa Hasan, made the most out of her undergraduate experience. Her volunteer efforts in clinical research became crucial experience when it came time for her to find a job after graduation. After a few years working in the role of Clinical Research Coordinator at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Salwa will soon be moving […]

  • Farshad Nassiri

    While an Innis student, Farshad Nassiri, was a highly-involved community member. Recipient of numerous leadership and academic awards, Farshad has continued his successes in medical school where he is one of three neurosurgery residents in the city. He has also won an AANS Summer Research Award and gave a plenary talk at the 2013 AANS […]

  • Michael Tatham

    Innis Alumnus, Michael Tatham, is a business expert who is dedicated to the improvement of companies through tools of business transformation that he shares with clients. The Tatham Group is a consultancy that aims to improve a business’ bottom line. In a few words, please outline your career path. New Fish – Accidental – Experimental […]

  • Joanne Uyede

    Innis Alumna, Joanne Uyede, is a highly active Innis alumna. For years, she has contributed her professional expertise to the betterment of our college, university, and other educational institutions. In a few words, please outline your career path. When I was an undergraduate student, I worked part-time for the Office of Admissions at U of […]

  • Moontasir Kabir

    Engineering graduate, Moontasir Kabir, entered the world of Innis in his first year as a resident of the Innis Residence. An international student, Moonta quickly flourished not only academically but socially as well. Soon after his arrival, he became involved in a multitude of extra-curricular activities. Moontasir is currently an Associate, Interactive Project Manager at […]

  • David Kim

    Innis alumnus, David Kim, is a staple within UofT for his contributions to student life. His career path took him across the globe; but fortunately for us, he returned to the UofT community. Innis students were enthralled by his keynote address during the IN2U Leadership Event in May 2013. David shared his inspirational story and […]

  • Mary Montanari

    After university, Innis Alumna, Mary Montanari began a career in banking. She took time out to raise her four children. Intuitive all her life, her abilities started blossoming while a young mother. When the children were old enough, she started exploring and training in the therapeutic arts. In 2005, she followed her calling to become a professional […]

  • Mike MacMillan

    Innis Alumuns, Mike MacMillian, is the Founder and producer of Lithium Studios Production. While attending UofT, Mike had no idea that his employment at Innis would become a cornerstone in the foundation of his career.  In a few words, please outline your career path. I founded a film company called Lithium Studios Productions. We make […]

  • Jeffrey Ian Ross, Ph.D.

    Innis Alumnus, Jeffrey Ian Ross, took the road less travelled to begin his academic career. An award-winning author and academic within his field, Ross is currently a professor of Criminology/Criminal Justice at the University of Baltimore. In a few words, please outline your career path. At 17, I dropped out of high school. Disliking the […]

  • Fiona Clarke

    Innis Alumna, Fiona Clarke, is dedicated to speaking for those who do not have a voice. This is evident through all facets of her life including her academics, employment, and volunteer work. For her efforts, she was recently inducted into the “National Wall of Role Models” for Black Canadians.  In a few words, please outline […]

  • Cherise Burda

    Innis Alumna, Cherise Burda, heads up the Pembina Institute in Ontario – a clean energy “think and do tank”, promoting transit investment and development policies to “live where you go”.  A top voice on these issues, she leads a team of engineers, policy experts, and planners in strategic research and communications. “My career path was […]

  • Rahul Bhardwaj

    Innis Alumnus, Rahul Bhardwaj, has dedicated his career to the improvement of the city of Toronto. In his role as President & CEO of the Toronto Community Foundation, Rahul is committed to guiding those who wish to make philanthropic efforts within the community.  In a few words, please outline your career path. In my role […]

  • profile pic_bob bosson

    Bob Bossin

    An outspoken student leader and activist, Bob Bossin was among the first students to be elected as a voting member of Innis College Council in 1967. The following year, he was the first Innis College student to be awarded the John H. Moss Scholarship honouring “the best all-round” graduating student in the Faculty of Arts […]

  • Cass Enright

    Innis Alumnus, Cass Enright, is a man of many professions. During his time at Innis, he used his entrepreneurial spirit to form the Innis Beer Connoisseurs Society, a passion that has developed into one of his current career paths.  In a few words, please outline your career path. My career has taken a couple of […]

  • Jonathan Fried

    Innis Alumnus, Jonathan Fried, has held numerous positions representing Canada on the international stage. A graduate of Innis College, Fried also studied law at UofT prior to earning a Masters of Law at Columbia University. He is currently serving as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the WTO.  Innis College, and its active encouragement of […]

  • Lisa Ng

    Innis Alumna, Lisa Ng, is the Founder + Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day, a lifestyle blog for smart + stylish women that launched in June 2013. She also works as a freelancer, specializing in Digital Content and Social Media Strategy. Recently, Lisa developed coffee lifestyle content for Van Houtte Coffee by producing how-to videos and blogs with Sid Lee […]

  • Jeremy Adelman

    Innis Alumnus, Jeremy Adelman, is a history professor at Princeton University whose speciality is Latin American studies. He is also the author of numerous books including his most recent, Worldly Philospher: The Oddyssey of Albert O. Hirschman. In a few words, please outline your career path. After finishing up at Innis in 1984, I moved to […]

  • Cecelia Pye

    Innis Alumna, Cecelia Pye, is a new graduate of the Urban Studies Program. During her university career, she also captained the Varsity Blues Tennis Team. Cecelia is very interested in Toronto city planning and is passionate about culture-led developments and the integration of park space. Her dream job is to work as a city planner […]

  • Tehilah Abakasanga

    Tehilah Abakasanga is a first year Innis student as well as an up-and-coming fashion designer. Tehilah first became interested in fashion design in the 8th grade. Her first clients were her sisters. “I hadn’t learned how to use a sewing machine then, so I would hand make outfits for my sisters, and when they wore […]

  • Kara Naklicki

    Kara Naklicki graduated with an HBA in Urban Studies, Human Geography, and Political Science from U of T in 2013. She spent a lot of time at Innis as an executive member of the Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU) and fan of the fresh juice at the Innis Cafe. “I liked U of T and […]

  • Lindsey Poad

    3rd year Innis student, Lindsey Poad, is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Cinema Studies and Visual Studies. She is also part of a dynamic duo responsible for the creation of the computer game, Midterminator: Residence Evil. Lindsey and fellow Innis student, Lucy Lin, teamed up to develop a computer game inspired by their […]

  • Lucy Lin

    3rd year Innis student, Lucy Lin, is specializing in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and considering an additional chemistry major or minor. However, she is also part of a dynamic duo responsible for the creation of the computer game, Midterminator: Residence Evil. Lucy and fellow Innis student, Lindsey Poad, teamed up to develop a computer game inspired by […]

  • Samii Folliott

    Third year Innis and Cinema Studies student, Samii Folliott, is not only an active member within the Innis community, but she is also pursuing her passion of acting. Her most notable role was as Hannah, Wesley’s crush in the hugely popular Canadian television hit, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Degrassi creator, Linda Schuyler, is one of […]

  • Annie Clark

    Annie Clark is an actress who is well-known for her role as Fiona Coyne on Linda Schuyler’s hit television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation. After spending four years on Degrassi, Annie has been working hard and has already filmed three movies including the new Canadian indie summer camp thriller, Solo. How did you first get involved […]

  • Graham Coulter

    We asked Innis student, Graham Coulter, about his struggles with dyslexia and dysgraphia and why he calls his disability a “tremendous gift.”  He was recently awarded an award of excellence from Saskatoon Public Schools in his home city.  Read more about the award and see an interview with Graham.  What are you studying at UofT? I’m […]

  • Matthew Boulos

    Matthew Boulos studied Computer Science, Peace & Conflict Studies and International Relations at the University of Toronto before completing a fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a law degree at Harvard. Though the business world called him, Boulos continued to stay deeply involved as a mentor with his church youth group in Scarborough, where […]

  • Elysse Leonard

    Elysse Leonard received an Honours Bachelor of Science with a double major in Psychology and Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto (UofT) in 2010. She graduated from the Cinema Studies Master’s program at UofT in 2011, completing a Major Research Paper on representations of “natural” death and dying in postwar cinema. As a student, Elysse was the recipient […]

  • Morgan Wyatt

    It’s been merely seven years since graduating from U of T and Innis alumnus Morgan Wyatt has already earned a Masters and PhD, lived in the UK, and published numerous articles in the most renowned scientific journals. Is there anything else to expect from Morgan? Apparently yes. Now Morgan has teamed up with his brother […]

  • Sharon Lewis

    Sharon Lewis’s has had incredible success as an award winning director, actor, producer and writer in tv/film and digital platforms. Sharon is the first woman of color in Canada to host a national prime time talk show, CBC’s counterSpin. She is a Leo and Gemini nominated television host for ZeD an interactive television and web […]

  • Derek Archer

    Dr. Derek Archer is the Program Chief and Medical Director of Diagnostic Imaging of the Trillium Health Partners(THP). THP is a newly merged hospital of the former Credit Valley Hospital and the Trillium Health Centre. This merger represents the creation of one of the largest community-based academic health networks in Canada. Technically a former Innis […]

  • Mark McDowell

    Canada’s Man in Myanmar “As someone who has been called an “unconventional diplomat,” he naturally chose Innis for what he described as its “off-beat and counter-culture” reputation.” It is a long journey from being an Innis College student to serving as Canada’s first-ever envoy in one of the most challenging parts of the world, but […]

  • Hando Kang

    Hando Kang is the Vice President, International Affairs and Communications at Skypower Services ULC.  In his role, Hando directs all activities of corporate affairs and international relations and facilitates business and community development opportunities.  Previously an advisor to the Premier of Ontario, Minister of the Environment, Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Health & […]

  • Julia Lo

    USP alumna, Julia Lo on playing her part to build a “stronger, fairer, and more inclusive” Toronto Julia Lo (HBA, Urban Studies, 2010) is the Senior Communications Officer for the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicating to unleashing the potential of the Greater Toronto region. Over the past 10 years, CivicAction has […]

  • Nwadiogo Ejiogu

    An Innisian Abroad: Alumna Nwadiogo Ejiogu on med school in the US A second year medical student at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, Nwadiogo Ejiogu (HBA 2006) attributes her appreciation for life-long learning to her rich experiences at Innis College While at the University of Toronto, Nwadiogo was immersed in the family at Innis College, […]

  • John Hanna

    As John Hanna heads off to Calgary for graduate school, he reflects on how the Urban Studies Program helped to shape his future As a student ofthe Urban Studies program I really enjoyed getting the insider look into my community andthe city at large. During my internship at the Fort York Food Bank, it was […]

  • Cameron Wathey

    Portrait of an Engaged Student International student, Cameron Wathey, on interviewing Atom Egoyan, long nights at Robarts Library and giving back to his new community.  Q: What program were you in? A: I am Cinema Studies Major, English and History Minor Q: What college were you in? A: I am a proud University College student, […]

  • Natalya Gunaratne

     Natalya Gunaratne: actress, musician and full-time student Third Year Student Natalya Gunaratne is an accomplished Jazz musician performing in the recent Music for Haiti fundraising concert and has also recently appeared in Deepa Mehta’s “Midnight’s Children”  My favorite memory is of my first day walking into Innis residence, a bit nervous not knowing what to […]

  • Aman Chohan

     Aman Chohan, dynamic former president of the Innis College Student Society Aman: Innis College (I-N-N-I-S INNIS INNIS IS THE BEST!) Sorry I had to show my enthusiasm for Innis College. That was a Frosh Cheer we use every year for all incoming students. Q: What are your favorite memories of Innis College?  Aman:  My favorite memories […]

  • Natasha Reid

    Natasha Reid and how a love of art and education turned into a career Driven by her immersion in the burgeoning field of art education, alumna Natasha Reid, shares her path from Innis College to an appointment at the University of Arizona. In 1999, I started my university education at the University of Toronto and […]

  • Libby Znaimer

    Libby Znaimer is a veteran Canadian journalist specializing in health, the arts, and lifestyle issues.  After graduating from Innis College in 1975, Libby attended graduate school at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her first experience in journalism was with The Associated Press in Tel Aviv where she covered a string of terror bombings and the […]

  • Catherine Russell

    Catherine Russell is a Professor in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal. In addition to teaching courses in Film Studies, she is the Director of the PhD in Humanities Program (Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture). Professor Russell has written several books, including Experimental Ethnography: The Work of Film in […]

  • Jeffrey Rubin

    Jeffrey Rubin is the number one bestselling author of Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller. He was the Chief Economist and Chief Strategist at CIBC World Markets where he worked for over 20 years.  Rubin was one of the first economists to accurately predict soaring oil prices back in 2000 […]

  • Robert Patrick

    Robert Patrick graduated in 1967 in the first graduating class of Innis College. After working in marketing and banking, he found his true calling in 1972 when he began a successful career teaching Business Education to adolescents and adults. In his last two years of teaching, Robert had the opportunity to work with at-risk teenagers […]

  • Eddie Pal

    Eddie Pal advises large, closely held businesses on profitability, succession planning, family issues and strategic taxation matters. His practice includes some of Canada’s most recognized brand name businesses. Eddie provides a personal approach to all his engagements. When not helping his clients grow, Eddie enjoys cottaging, boating, reading and physical fitness. His community and professional […]

  • Matthew T. McGarvey

    After practicing law in Toronto for 5 years, Matthew T. McGarvey moved to Ottawa in 2000. Matthew now has the best of both worlds – in Ottawa he can enjoy skiing, hiking, windsurfing and motorcycling all within minutes of downtown, and with so many friends in Toronto he can visit Toronto often.  Matthew focused primarily […]

  • Lesra Martin

    At the age of 15, Lesra Martin couldn’t read or write.  Living in an inner city ghetto of Brooklyn, New York, he was dismissed by society.  Yet his heart carried hope and courage. When he was provided with an opportunity to obtain an education, he seized it! Of his eight siblings, Lesra is the only […]

  • Eli Marcus

    By day, Eli Marcus is a technical writer, writing books and documents to explain various products to high tech engineers. By night, he is devoted to music—promoting, collecting, documenting the history, and performing Blues on stage. He lives in Tel Aviv with wife Michelle and daughters Amber and Jade. On weekends, he explores mountain bike […]

  • Ron Mann

    Ron Mann is a television producer, film director, and distributor. As one of Canada’s leading documentary filmmakers, Ron has made nine feature films, including Comic Book Confidential (1988), Grass (1999), Go Further (2003), and Know Your Mushrooms (2009). Known for his primary focus on North American popular culture, his documentaries have received numerous distinctions; including […]

  • Richard Lautens

    Richard Lautens graduated from Innis College with a degree in History and Political Science. He was very active in student government and newspapers and was named Graduating Athlete of the Year. Although he never lived in residence, he did have sleeping rights to the sofa at Vlad house. During his 5 years at the University […]

  • Jennifer Kim

    Jennifer Kim graduated with distinction with a double Major in Life Sciences and Psychology. However, Innis College was not initially part of her plan. It was while following her cousin to a March Break campus tour that Jennifer fell in love with the St. George campus and realized that Innis College was where she had […]

  • Sirje Jarvel Lautens

    Sirje Jarvel Lautens transferred from Woodsworth College to Innis College in 1982 whereupon she met her husband, Richard Lautens, a 1988 Innis graduate and now an award-winning photographer for the Toronto Star. Besides serving as Vice President (Government) of the Innis College Student Society (ICSS), Sirje was named Innis College Female Athlete of the year in […]

  • Kofi Hope

    Rhodes Scholar Kofi Hope attended Oxford University in October 2007 to pursue a Masters degree in African Studies. Kofi graduated with high distinction from Innis College in June 2006, majoring in Political Science with minors in African Studies and World Religions. Since graduating, Kofi has been running the United Church of Canada’s Youth Connections program, […]

  • Russ (Rusty) Hick

    Russ (Rusty) Hick is ia Superintendent of Education with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in Peterborough, Ontario. His present duties include overseeing the school improvement and student achievement focus as well as the daily operations in twenty-eight schools in Peterborough city and county. Previously, Rusty taught in York Region both in Aurora and Stouffville, […]

  • Alex Fayle

    When Alex Fayle was twelve, he decided that someday he would become a professional writer but then “real life” took over and he went to school, got a job, bought a house and even started his own business as a Professional Organizer. Through all that the dream kept coming back reminding him that he wasn’t doing […]

  • Khuong Doan

    Khuong Doan earned a 4 Year Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Quantitative Analysis from Innis College in 1993. Immediately after graduation, he began working for Innis College Registrar’s Office where he spent six years in the roles of Assistant Registrar and Associate Registrar, providing students with personal, academic and financial counselling. In September […]

  • Vic Chiasson

    Vic Chiasson is currently Principal of Henry Hudson Senior Public School in the Toronto District School Board. He remembers fondly his four years at Innis College. Vic was very active in Innis College Student Society and the University athletics program and was recognised for his efforts through receiving the Innis College Medal and the Sidney […]

  • Allan Cheskes

    Allan Cheskes is a member of Mintz & Partners Public Company Team and the Leader of the Non-Profit Team. He has more than 26 years of professional and business experience. Allan specializes in the areas of assurance and advisory services and business planning. He serves clients in many areas including the manufacturing, non-profit sector, and […]

  • Keely Brown

    Keely Brown illustrates how a university experience can be a stepping stone to achieving personal and professional goals. Her love of hockey and her education have come together in a “dream job” for Keely who is the General Counsel for the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL, the Edmonton Oil Kings in the Western Hockey League […]

  • Alan Bernstein

    Dr. Alan Bernstein is the President & CEO of CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research). CIFAR’s mission is to create transformative knowledge that addresses questions of importance to the world, by connecting some of Canada’s and the world’s most extraordinary researchers into global research networks. Dr. Bernstein was awarded the Special Council of Innis College […]

  • Julius Babarinsa

    Julius Babarinsa graduated in 1981 with a BA in Political Science and International Relations. Julius began his banking career with the Royal Bank of Canada and is currently with RBC Global Technology & Operations in the Returns & Clearing Department which services financial institutions all over the world. He is an Associate of the Institute […]

  • Jesse Wente

    Jesse Wente graduated from Innis College in 1996 with an Honours BA in Cinema Studies.  Wente is the Head of Film Programmes for TIFF Bell Lightbox, and is also a critic at CBC’s Metro Morning.  Wente has been a highly regarded Canadian Feature Film Selection Committee member at the TIFF for four years. Additionally, he […]

  • Stanley Zlotkin

    Stanley Zlotkin MD, PhD is a professor of Paediatrics, Public Health Sciences and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. He graduated from the University of Toronto with an undergraduate degree in Ecology in 1971 and received his MD degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 1974. He completed his paediatric training at the […]

  • Jessi Cruickshank

    Jessi Cruickshank’s energy, sincerity, humour, and ability to captivate the audience makes her an incredible host. She is best known for her work with MTV and Free the Children; she was the co-host and producer of MTV’s The After Show and The Hills After Show. Jessi currently co-hosts the CW’s Oh Sit! with Jamie Kennedy. […]

  • Paul Kapsos

    Paul Kapsos was Director, Emerging Markets in the Public Equities department of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board. He managed a team responsible for research and stock selection in listed equity securities across a range of developing economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, and he contributed to the overall emerging markets strategy of the […]

  • Atom Egoyan

    Atom Egoyan dedicates countless hours of mentorship and guidance to the students of Innis College. A guest lecturer in Innis’ Cinema Studies courses, Atom has allowed students to preview his films and been accessible as a mentor and inspiration to budding filmmakers. As the Dean’s Distinguished Visitor in Theatre, Film, Music and Visual Studies at […]

  • Alison Chan

    Alison Chan is a 2009 graduate of the Urban Studies Program. She works for an organization called the Centre for Community Learning & Development (CCL&D), which has been serving Regent Park for over 30 years. CCL&D started off as a literacy organization, teaching adults how to read and write, but over the years it has evolved into […]

  • Anthony Fernando

    Anthony Fernando is an Innis College Urban Studies 2004 alumnus. This past year he started a non-profit consulting firm called inTo Consulting. What was your time like as an Urban Studies Program student? A lot of fun. My class was dynamic and my placement in City Hall helped make our discussions and the papers real. What […]

  • Eddy Moretti

    You are currently completing your PhD at NYU. What are you specializing in? Moretti: Actually, I am currently only very tenuously, and possibly not even technically (though very much spiritually) completing my PhD at NYU in Cinema Studies. In 1999, I completed all necessary coursework for my PhD, and all the necessary exams. [READ about Moretti’s dissertation]. […]

  • Trevor Wang

    Trevor Wang is a third year international student who is majoring in Cinema Studies at Innis College. How did you first become involved at Innis College? How are you involved today? Trevor:  I joined InSIGHT Mentorship Program and was a mentee and photographer in my first year.  I then became a mentor for InSIGHT and […]

  • Cathryn Hostick

    What are your impressions of Cinema Studies at Innis College. So far, my time as a Cinema Studies student has been tough, but worth it. To be honest I am a very artsy, hands on person- U of T is very theoretical (especially with film), so it is a challenge. However, it has actually been […]

  • Patrick Adler

    USP alumnus Patrick Adler (HBA 2008) took some time out of his busy work schedule to talk to us about his research with the Rotman School’s Martin Prosperity Institute, as well as his experiences as an Urban Studies student. Heading to UCLA this Fall as a PhD candidate, Patrick also gives current USP students some […]

  • Michael Zryd

    Tell us about your current work. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Cinema and Media Studies at York University, and I am currently the Graduate Program Director of the Cinema and Media Studies MA and PhD programs, which keeps me busy with program administration and policy. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs are the oldest […]

  • Lydia Pilch

    Lydia Pilch is one of the up and coming young associates at Goldman Sloan Nash and Haber (GSNH) LLP, a well-respected corporate and commercial law firm in Toronto.  Called to the Ontario Bar in 2006, Lydia’s practice focuses in the areas of corporate/commercial, real estate/leasing, information technology law, and she also acts as the firm’s […]

  • Christophe Shammas

    “Barring some miracle from Harvard Law, I should be attending U of T Law School in the fall,” Christophe Shammas tells the Innis Alumni Network. With a consistent record of academic excellence, it was not a surprise when Christophe received notice of early acceptance to Canada’s top law schools, U of T Law and Osgoode Hall. […]

  • Stephanie Savage

    Stephanie Savage (BA 1990 INNIS), Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the CW hit tv show “Gossip Girl” visited her alma mater to offer graduate and undergraduate Cinema Studies students valuable career and life advice. Savage began her career as Vice-President of Development at Flower Films, Drew Barrymore’s production company.  While at Flower Films, she helped […]

  • Linda Schuyler

    CEO, Epitome Pictures; Co-Creator, Degrassi Series Linda Schuyler quickly responded to an invitation to mentor Innis students. “My love of film and television was inspired at Innis College through cinema studies courses taught by Joe Medjuck and Kay Armatage. I’d love to help students who are interested in those areas,” explains Linda. After graduating in […]

  • Larry Wasser

    President, Genuity Fund Management Larry Wasser (HBA 1977 INNIS) is President of Genuity Fund Management, and President of L.W. Capital Corporation. He was previously Chairman and CEO of Beascope Canada Inc., one of Canada’s largest sales, marketing and distribution companies of consumer electronics products and computer products. He founded Beamscope in 1982 and increased the […]

  • Peter Knegt

    Heralded as “Canada’s New Gay Voice” Peter Knegt (HBA 2006) is an Innis College alumnus who has recently returned to the University as an advisory board member for the Centre of Sexuality and Diversity Studies. What’s most impressive about Peter is that upon receiving his Graduate degree from Concordia University, he was asked to write […]

  • Brad Doner

    Brad Doner, a mature student currently completing a double major in Urban Studies and Human Geography at Innis College, is a self-described Post-Punk Renaissance Man. Brad is a mature student currently completing a double major in Urban Studies and Human Geography at Innis College. During this time, Brad has actively volunteered his time both on […]

  • Lily Choi

    Innis College student Lily Choi shares her experiences as an exceptionally active and engaged Innis College student.   Originally from Calgary, I came to University of Toronto in 2008 to specialize in Political Science. Before I go on, I’d like to take a moment to declare that the staff at Innis College are the kindest, […]

  • Mahsa Alimardani

    The Innis Alumni Network was pleased to catch up with graduating student Mahsa Alimardani and learn more about her internship at Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), her plans for graduate school, and her varied experiences at U of T and Innis College. Why did you choose to study at the University of Toronto? Growing […]

  • Zexi Wang

    Trying to find your niche in the University community? Zexi Wang, a fourth year double-major in Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies has some good advice: “Find your passion, keep an open mind, and collaborate!” Zexi has since taken this mantra to heart. When she began university, she initially found herself at odds. While she […]

  • Erin Kang

    “Everyone should push themselves that extra step” Erin is a fourth-year student majoring in Urban Studies at Innis College with minors in Human Geography and History. As an executive board member for the Toronto Undergraduate Geography Student union (TUGS) and the Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU), Erin considers herself lucky to be surrounded by a great mix […]

  • Tiffany Vong

    Former USP student, Tiffany Vong (HBA 2009), and her post-graduation path from UofT to CivicAction (formerly the Toronto Summit Alliance). Tiffany graduated from the Architectural Design Studies and Urban Studies programs in 2009. In the final year of her undergraduate degree, she took the Urban Experiential Learning course through the Urban Studies Program and had […]

  • Zannah Matson

    This past June, Innis College student Zannah Matson graduated with an Honours BA in Peace and Conflict Studies (Specialist), Environment and Society (Major), and Urban Studies (Minor). In addition to her extensive program of study, she has been the recipient of numerous merit and leadership scholarships at Innis College, alongside many others at the Faculty […]

  • James Thoem

    James Thoem tells us a bit about his life after university and his most recent work with the No Casino Toronto campaign. It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto on a work placement that it hit me, I love cities. I dropped everything I was doing and enrolled at the University of Toronto to pursue […]

  • Taylor Surman

    Mature student Taylor Surman tells us how a love of cities drove her to return to school. I really think that being a mature student has given me an edge in my studies.  I have had 10 years to learn about society on a hands-on basis, and it has allowed me to look at the […]

  • Reiner Kravis

    Find out more about USP student, Reiner Kravis, his passion for public transit and his pursuit of childhood wonder.  Hello, my name is Reiner Kravis. I am 21 years old and currently in my last year of studies at U of T. I am enrolled in two major programs, those being History and Urban Studies. […]

  • Alicia Fletcher

    CSI Masters’ program graduate Alicia Fletcher and how her quest to preserve film led her to launch an exciting new initiative called Silent Sundays. A graduate of the Cinema Studies Institute’s Masters’ program at Innis College, Alicia Fletcher is a media archivist and film programmer dedicated to promoting and advocating for moving image preservation. In […]

  • Peter Kuplowsky

    Cinema Studies graduate, Peter Kuplowsky is an aspiring filmmaker, working to marry his passion of video gaming and new media with film at TIFF Nexus. I didn’t arrive at my decision to enroll in the University of Toronto’s Cinema Studies program easily. For one, it had yet to become an Institute and adopt the acronym of television’s […]

  • Brett Hendrie

    Brett Hendrie is the Executive Director of Hot Docs. Since joining the organization in 2001, Hendrie has helped develop the Hot Docs festival as a calendar event for local audiences and industry professionals. He has also co-programmed the festival’s international spotlight competitions focusing on docs from Brazil, Japan, France, South Africa, Israel and the Netherlands. He […]