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Cathryn Hostick


What are your impressions of Cinema Studies at Innis College.

So far, my time as a Cinema Studies student has been tough, but worth it. To be honest I am a very artsy, hands on person- U of T is very theoretical (especially with film), so it is a challenge. However, it has actually been very beneficial and I am glad I chose this route. It has widened my palette of knowledge and has taught me to have a greater appreciation for cinema. To be honest, some people may think they love and appreciate the cinema for what it is, but you really don’t until you have learned the history and magnitude of it.

What U of T experiences to you value most?

Guest lectures (inside and outside the classroom) are the most valuable experiences for me. We take what we learn in class and turn it into a reality. I know for myself, I often question while stressing over exams and papers, “what am I doing all this for again?” – but when I get to hear industry professionals speak about their experiences, and offer advice, I remember why I am doing it and that it will be worth it. The guest speakers I have seen at U of T have been very motivational and make me feel good about all the knowledge I am acquiring in my program. I know that this knowledge will be put to good use.

Are there any professors or individuals at U of T who have made a significant impression on your life and/or career plans?

Cinema Studies instructor Paul Babiak teaches a course called “Business of Film”, which in my opinion is the best film course at Innis College, U of T. Paul Babiak always made time for me,  and I wouldn’t have secured my Walt Disney Canada internship without his help. Cinema Studies instructor Bart Testa has also made a great impression on me. He has so much knowledge and love for cinema; it has totally changed my perspective on the discourse.

How has U of T prepared you for life after graduation?

I have learned how to talk to people, ask questions and organize my thoughts. I have also learned how to manage pressure and multiple deadlines. I feel that U of T and its community have helped me grow.

How did you find your internship at Walt Disney Canada?

As part of the “Business of Film” course, Cinema Studies instructor Paul Babiak invites a number of industry guest speakers to class to complement his lectures.  Mr. Greg Mason, the Vice-President of Marketing at Walt Disney Canada was kind enough to speak to the class.  I remember Mr. Mason saying  that when he was our age, he wanted to do anything to get his foot in the door. He went to Coca Cola, and Disney and said that he would do anything they needed to see how the industry worked. His experiences were very motivational.

As an actress, I have been interested in the other side of things for some time, so I went to Paul Babiak for advice, and he suggested that I look into available internships. He gave me a contact at Walt Disney Canada, and I set up an interview.

Tell us about your internship at Walt Disney Canada.

Disney is a great company, obviously. The people there are wonderful to work with. They are so friendly and are open to answering any questions I have. I was pleased to learn that the account executive for marketing, who I work closest with, also went to U of T. My job mostly consists of coordinating the integration and marketing of movies that I am assigned. Most recently, I worked on the marketing campaign for the film “Real Steal” with Hugh Jackman, which was a box office hit. I also had the opportunity to work at the film’s Canadian premiere, and meet the cast.

What do you hope to do in the future, and where do you see yourself in a few years?

I want to wake up every day doing something I love, and that way I won’t have to work a day in my life.. I see myself coordinating commercials, film, and TV most likely, or working at a job in production, or marketing.


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