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Derek Archer


Dr. Derek Archer is the Program Chief and Medical Director of Diagnostic Imaging of the Trillium Health Partners(THP).
THP is a newly merged hospital of the former Credit Valley Hospital and the Trillium Health Centre. This merger represents the creation of one of the largest community-based academic health networks in Canada. Technically a former Innis student, Dr. Archer transferred to medical school after two years at Innis College.

What do you find personally rewarding in your career?

I find the ability to have a vision of the department, and execute that vision and make it a reality, the most rewarding part of my  position. On a day to day level, being involved with all the individuals, and the dozens of daily human interactions is very satisfying.

What advice would you offer to current Innis College Students?

I would advise that you keep your mind open to new career possibilities, as the career you end up in will likely be something you never  dreamed of when you first entered this University. Don’t peg yourself into a career path too early. Secondly, find and pursue your  passion. I have seen  too many people pick a career because it looked good on paper, only to be miserable, and I have seen a number of  people travelling an orthodox path to a very successful career because they were so passionate about what they were doing.

What is your favorite memory of your time at the University?

My favorite memory at University that I can put into print is the first year Halloween. I had dressed up in a black outfit, cape and  headgear, and scaled partway up the outside of the Robarts Library wall (only a few feet, really). I am pretty sure I provided an exciting visual diversion to the students sitting in the study carols inside the library. On a more appropriate level, my favorite memory was playing intramural ball hockey and hanging out in the “Innis Pit” during my free time.

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