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Eli Marcus

Class of 1980 – BSc, Innis

By day, Eli Marcus is a technical writer, writing books and documents to explain various products to high tech engineers. By night, he is devoted to music—promoting, collecting, documenting the history, and performing Blues on stage. He lives in Tel Aviv with wife Michelle and daughters Amber and Jade. On weekends, he explores mountain bike trails in the hills and valleys of local national parks and forests.

Following graduation at Innis in 1980, Eli started an MA program in Communications with Marshall McLuhan as supervisor. Unfortunately McLuhan suffered a stroke, and sadly passed away Dec. 31, 1980. In 1981 Eli emigrated to Israel, fulfilled his army conscription duty, and lived the life of a farmer on Kibbutz Gesher Haziv near the northern border. In 1988, he moved to Tel Aviv and became active in the music scene, performing and promoting Jazz and Blues. He also began volunteer work in radio with a 13-hour series on the history and nature of Blues, and helped build the artist roster at the 1993 Haifa Blues Festival. In 1996 he brought the Blues to the International Guitar Festival in Tel Aviv, and in 2004/05 was Artistic Director of the 3-day Summer Blues Festival at the Givatayim Theatre. Following 3 years of collecting and editing stories from Blues people worldwide, he published his first book, Touched by the Blues in January, 2006. To find out more about Eli, visit or


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