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Hando Kang

Class of 2004 – BA, Innis

Hando Kang is the Vice President, International Affairs and Communications at Skypower Services ULC.  In his role, Hando directs all activities of corporate affairs and international relations and facilitates business and community development opportunities.  Previously an advisor to the Premier of Ontario, Minister of the Environment, Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Health & Long-Term Care, he has worked in the corporate renewable energy sector for the past five years.  He has studied in Japan and Germany and recently received the Solar Advocate Award by the Canadian Solar Industries Association. 

Q: Please tell us about your position as the Vice President, International Affairs and Communication for Skypower.

HK: I lead a team of dynamic professionals and consultants in international government relations, corporate communications and marketing.  I also direct all activities of corporate affairs and international relations and work to build strategic relationships and partnerships with National Governments in emerging renewable energy markets on all continents. As an expert, I advocate and lobby all national/sub-national governments for promotion of renewable energy & economic policy.


Q: What do you find personally rewarding in your career?

HK: I get to do what I love everyday – building strong relationships and facilitating with key government and commercial players around the world to advance the rapid deployment of clean renewable energy.


Q: How did your time at the University of Toronto and Innis College influence your career path?

HK: Innis College and UofT enabled me to dream big and realise my full potential. I was surrounded by the brightest and most academically inclined people in Canada. Living and studying in Canada’s economic and financial centre set the foundation to reach for the top and thought me never to give up.


Q: What advice would you offer to current Innis College Students?

HK: Dream big and believe every day that you can be whoever you want and accomplish whatever you want. Like Robert F Kennedy said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”. Never give up.


Q: What is your favorite memory of your time at the University?

HK: Living in residence and knowing I was attending the best University in Canada and that my classmates were the top students from around the country.


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