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Khuong Doan

Class of 1993 – BSc, Innis

Khuong Doan earned a 4 Year Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Quantitative Analysis from Innis College in 1993. Immediately after graduation, he began working for Innis College Registrar’s Office where he spent six years in the roles of Assistant Registrar and Associate Registrar, providing students with personal, academic and financial counselling. In September 2000, he joined the Faculty of Arts and Science as an Application Analyst working on a student oriented projected called Degree Navigator.  Degree Navigator is an application now being used by about 30,000 students in the Faculty of Arts and Science and at the University of Toronto at Scarborough that allows students to measure completed and anticipated courses against program and degree requirements at any point in their undergraduate career.

In 2005, Khuong returned to his roots in student services by joining the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering as their Associate Registrar, Student Services. In his present role, he is responsible for ensuring that all the registrarial services are delivered to students in a friendly, reliable and efficient manner.  When Khuong is not working in the office for engineering students, he is taking care of future Innis student his son Matthew, who wants to be a Registrar like his father.  Khuong is a living role model for his son. His advice:  You too will be a role model for your own kids if you decide to have a family. Think clearly and act well!

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