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Lucy Lin

Class of 2015 (expected) – Innis

3rd year Innis student, Lucy Lin, is specializing in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and considering an additional chemistry major or minor. However, she is also part of a dynamic duo responsible for the creation of the computer game, Midterminator: Residence Evil. Lucy and fellow Innis student, Lindsey Poad, teamed up to develop a computer game inspired by their experiences and favourite memories with friends during their 2012-2013 residence period. Lucy has always been interested in various forms of storytelling so the video game acts as a unique outlet to recreate some of her favourite memories.

The division of work is pretty straightforward; Lindsey is a computer science student and the girls’ skills balance each other nicely. “My skills are all artistic so I just ended up drawing all the sprites, backgrounds, cut scene panels, etc. while Lindsey handled putting the game together. In terms of the script we alternate chapters and edit each other’s bits.”

Lucy and Lindsay ran into typical glitches with coding and animation, but they also encountered the communication difficulties friends can face when they have conflicting visions for a project. The next steps for the project are completing the remaining three chapters and then revisiting all elements of the game to clean up any bugs that might arise. Lucy strongly encourages anyone with a curiosity in game design to take the leap. There are numerous resources available for amateurs to develop their skills on many platforms.

When asked if game design is a career option that Lucy is considering, she said that it isn’t ruled out, but she is really interested in pursuing a career in the fascinating world of pharmaceutical research and professorship. However, graphic and artistic design is a passion that she will always continue to pursue and enjoy on the side. For instance, Lucy’s next projects include completing an art book with a friend as well as beginning work on a graphic novel idea that she has had for a long time.

Midterminator: Residence Evil

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