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Moontasir Kabir

Class of 2012 – Innis

Engineering graduate, Moontasir Kabir, entered the world of Innis in his first year as a resident of the Innis Residence. An international student, Moonta quickly flourished not only academically but socially as well. Soon after his arrival, he became involved in a multitude of extra-curricular activities. Moontasir is currently an Associate, Interactive Project Manager at Sapient Nitro. He is one of two employees from the Canadian office who are featured as Distinguished Alum of their Campus Recruiting Program.

In a few words, please outline your career path.

Having graduated with an Engineering degree and certification in Business, it was quite a confusing task planning out my Career. Stemming from my previous Management experience from PEY, I started off pursuing a career in Logistics Management. I quickly realized that may not have been the ideal career choice for me and I instantly started looking once again. I now am an Interactive Project Manager in a Digital Marketing/Consulting Agency and I find this career trajectory very challenging and satisfactory. In terms of progress, I see myself moving vertically and laterally in the digital industry. Moral of the story is that there is no need to freak out in figuring out one’s career RIGHT after graduation. Taking the time to understand your own passions is useful.

What is SapientNitro? What is your role there?

At SapientNitro we are a bunch of restless, curious, creative and passionate people looking to reimagine what is possible when technology and story meet. In other words, Sapient is a multi-award winning global marketing and consulting company that provides business, marketing, and technology services to Fortune 500 companies without compromising an inviting culture.

I work as an Associate, Interactive Project Manager. I began as a Junior Associate and was promoted to an Associate due to my successes. As a project manager, I am given a project/campaign/initiative/issue/program, a bunch of dates, and a budget. If I can round up my team and work with them to deliver on time and within budget, my work is a success. All in all, it is a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing, and very challenging. I enjoy every minute of it!

Please describe your experience as an engineer within the Innis Community. How were you involved?

Having spent four years at Innis, I never felt that there was ever a difference between being an Innis student and an engineering student. As an international student, I had always considered Innis my home-away-from-home. I was involved through various capacities such as intramural sports and the Innis Residence Council (Sr. House Rep, Vice President, Social Director). I also co-founded the Innis engineering mentorship program, was a member of the Leadership Committee and helped to organize numerous extra-curricular activities, including House Olympics, Snow Bets, Film Club, and the College’s Christmas fundraiser.

What is the most important lesson you have learned during your career?

I learned that the most valuable experiences, which have prepared me for my career after University, were learned outside of the classroom. Grades are important and so are the classes, which precede them; however, the skillsets you learn by partaking in extra-curricular activities will become pivotal in the early stages of your career.

What is your favourite memory from your time spent at Innis College?

I am going to avoid writing several essays and purposely leave this blank. It would be impossible and also a crime to single out a single memory from the plethora of good times Innis has provided.

Do you have any advice you would like to share with current Innis students?

You’ve been accepted into the best college in Canada. Well done, you must be smart! Grades are important and so are classes, but always try to find the proper balance between socially burning out and academically dropping out. Once you find the balance, remember that outside the classroom experiences are equally important. So go ahead, get involved, live long, and prosper!

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