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Tehilah Abakasanga


Tehilah Abakasanga is a first year Innis student as well as an up-and-coming fashion designer. Tehilah first became interested in fashion design in the 8th grade. Her first clients were her sisters. “I hadn’t learned how to use a sewing machine then, so I would hand make outfits for my sisters, and when they wore the outfits, it made me very happy.” Tehilah credits her newly developed skills to sewing classes, garment construction books, and even YouTube.

When asked why she chose to attend UofT instead of an institution that specializes in fashion and garment construction, Tehilah expressed her uncertainties during secondary school about pursuing fashion full-time and instead chose an academic program that would compliment her creative skill set – economics.

Inspired by the female body, her clothing line is called, TEHILAH. She describes the line as a line for every woman and her mission is to make, “clothing that makes you feel beautiful.” She tends to use a lot of black and really enjoys working with velvet and African prints. She looks to Michael Costello, Zac Posen, Taibo Bacar, Duaba Serwa, and Tiffany Amber as role models within the fashion industry.

Her biggest highlights thus far include her first fashion show as well as launching her online store. Despite the lack of sleep and added stress that balancing a clothing line with post-secondary studies, Tehilah believes that it is certainly worth it. She encourages everyone to follow his or her passions.

Check out TEHILAH online.

For custom orders, contact Tehilah.

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