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Tiffany Vong

Class of 2009 – USP

Former USP student, Tiffany Vong (HBA 2009), and her post-graduation path from UofT to CivicAction (formerly the Toronto Summit Alliance).

Tiffany graduated from the Architectural Design Studies and Urban Studies programs in 2009. In the final year of her undergraduate degree, she took the Urban Experiential Learning course through the Urban Studies Program and had the opportunity to complete an internship at CivicAction (formerly the Toronto City Summit Alliance), an organization that brings together senior executives and rising leaders from all sectors to tackle our region’s toughest challenges. During her internship, she contributed to several of the organization’s activities, including researching for an environmental project and supporting key events and meetings.

After graduating, she joined CivicAction full time, and has worked with business and environmental leaders in the city to implement greening initiatives across the Toronto region. She plays a key role in the development and execution of many of CivicAction’s Greening Greater Toronto initiatives, including the Commercial Building Energy Initiative. On this project, her focus has been on engaging key stakeholders in the office building sector and launching the successful Race to Reduce smart energy office challenge. Most recently, Tiffany’s role has expanded beyond the environmental initiative to include providing support for the Emerging Leaders Network, a diverse network of over 600 rising city builders committed to advancing the Toronto region’s economic and social prosperity.

Tiffany also volunteers as a consultant with Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits, and is currently working with a national bullying prevention organization to help them bring a new bullying assessment tool to the market.

In her spare time, she enjoys exploring urban design, architecture and civic engagement within the city on her shiny yellow bike. During the summers, she shares her love of the city with others by volunteering as an architectural and cultural tour guide, and works with her design partner to promote walkable and accessible cities. She is also an accomplished musician, playing the French horn and piano in local orchestras.


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