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Trevor Wang

Class of 2014 – Innis, CSI

Trevor Wang is a third year international student who is majoring in Cinema Studies at Innis College.

How did you first become involved at Innis College? How are you involved today?

Trevor:  I joined InSIGHT Mentorship Program and was a mentee and photographer in my first year.  I then became a mentor for InSIGHT and a Senior House Representative on the Innis Residence Council (IRC). Next year, I will serve as the Co-President of InSIGHT and the Special Event Coordinator for the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU). I have always enjoyed working with other student leaders on college and residence events.

Why did you choose to study at U of T? What are some of the difficulties that you have encountered as an international student?

Trevor: I came to U of T because I wanted to pursue academic study in a good environment. I gave up the chance to study fine arts at London Arts University and decided to come to U of T.
The most difficult aspects of being an international student are the professors’ high expectations, the competition among my peers, and the cultural differences.

Why did you decide to major in Cinema Studies? What do you intend to do after graduation?

Trevor:  Watching films has always been one of my biggest interests. I majored in Cinema Studies not only because I am passionate about films, but also so that I could learn from the theoretical perspective of various genres and national cinemas. My ideal dream is to either become a director or a cinematographer, a close second would be to but even working in film industry or simply film festivals.

How did you become involved with film festivals? What have you learned from these volunteering experiences?

Trevor:  I first encountered TIFF when I was in first year passing by Victoria College. Afterwards, I talked to my Cinema Studies professor about possible volunteer opportunities in the local film community.  I started to volunteer with TIFF, Reel Asian, CineFranco and Hot Docs. All of these film festivals offered me a broad exposure to the film industry. I learned all kinds of skills in terms of communication, organization, and customer service.

What has been the highlight of your university experience thus far?
Trevor:  My most memorable university experience has been my academic accomplishments in writing and communication, and most importantly, making friends with people from different countries and learning about their cultures.


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