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Zannah Matson

Class of 2011 – HBA, Innis

This past June, Innis College student Zannah Matson graduated with an Honours BA in Peace and Conflict Studies (Specialist), Environment and Society (Major), and Urban Studies (Minor).

In addition to her extensive program of study, she has been the recipient of numerous merit and leadership scholarships at Innis College, alongside many others at the Faculty of Arts and Science and the University of Toronto.

What is most impressive about Zannah is that she started her undergrad as one of thirteen recipients of the National Scholarship Program, the University’s most prestigious entrance scholarship.

She has seamlessly weaved academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular projects into her schedule for the past four years. She was the Founder and Coordinator of the Sustainability Leadership Program, a joint venture by the Office of Student Life, and the student-run Environmental Resource Network. In addition, she has been a delegate at the Global Humanitarian Forum Youth Conference (2009), and the Copenhagen Climate Summit (2009), as well as a Director of the Peace and Conflicts Studies Conference (2011).

While it seems like Zannah has juggled with an impossible schedule, she tells us: “There’s really no secret to it. I do think that the more you have on the go, the better you get at managing your time and you’re able to accomplish more and more. I’m also a strong proponent of taking breaks… It’s important to go out and make time for friends and do completely unrelated things you like.”

This year Zannah received the highest leadership honour offered to an undergraduate student by the University of Toronto–the John H. Moss Scholarship. In addition, she was recognized as the Governor General’s Silver Medal Nominee in the Arts and received several Innis College awards, including the Mary Ann Duffy Graduating Student Award, the Innis College Recognition Award, and the Innis GRADitude Award.

Although she has been a constant recipient of praise, Zannah is humble and generous with commendation for those that have helped her throughout her undergraduate degree.

“My time at U of T was really phenomenal, in part because Innis was able to provide such a supportive community within the larger opportunities that the University has to offer. I met lots of great people living in residence in first year and have kept up some of those connections throughout my time here. It would also be impossible to talk about how great Innis is without saying that Innis Registrar Donald Boere is really just the best, and the whole administrative and registrar staff really make Innis an approachable and friendly place, which is perfect for a home college.”

Zannah most recently completed a summer institute in Landscape Architecture at the University of California Berkeley. She plans to work for a year before starting her Master’s degree in Urban Planning or Landscape Architecture.


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