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2020/21 Membership

  • Moderator: Amisha Punja
  • Secretary: Ben Weststrate
  • Ex officio members: Ennis Blentic (associate director, advancement), Donald Boere (assistant principal and registrar), Joyce Hahn (CAO), Breanna Lima Martinez (ICSS president, council speaker), Kate Johnson (librarian), Charlie Keil (principal), Ella Ma (IRC president), Steve Masse (dean of students), Joanne Uyede (council speaker)
  • General Members: Madi Frost, Paul Kaita, Claudia Li Tang, Miriam Moren, Emma Paulus, Amisha Punja, Ben Weststrate (assessor), Michelle Zhang

Composition, Powers & Responsibilities

(excerpt from Innis College Council Constitution, pp. 6-7)

The Student Services Committee shall consist of at least sixteen members, including:

  • ex officio: four members defined in By-Law II.D.3, the Assistant Principal and
    Registrar, the Chief Administrative Officer, the Dean of Students and Residence,
    the Associate Director, Advancement, an ICSS Vice-President, the IRC
    President, or their designates;
  • at least four other members of the ICSS;
  • the Library Coordinator;
  • a Principal’s Appointee.
    The Student Services Committee shall:
  • advise the Principal and Council on policy for student services offered in the
  • review in detail the annual operating plans, including budgets, for any service funded or subsidized by the fees covered by the Memorandum of Agreement
    between Innis College and the ICSS on the introduction or the increase of compulsory non-tuition related fees (26 February 1997), and any
    supplementary spending plans for any unexpended revenue from the Student Services Fees, and to offer its advice to the Principal and to College Council
    on these plans;
  • receive information on student services and regular reports on the services
    from the Principal or the appropriate College officer, in order to consider
    current issues within and among the services and to serve as a mechanism of
    information, communication, and co-operation between the student services
    and students;
  • advise Council on proposals for expansion or reduction of student services,
    including recommendations for new services and for the elimination of
  • consider and make recommendations to the appropriate body regarding the allocation of space for student services and student societies;
  • serve as a forum for discussion of student life at Innis College.