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Celebrated Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s latest, “Enemy”, Bids Farewell to old Town Hall

Billed as a farewell event for Town Hall before the space undergoes extensive renovations this fall, the Innis Alumni Office, in partnership with the Cinema Studies Student Union, hosted a special screening of Denis Villeneuve’s “Enemy”.
Enemy poster
Introduced as an “epic mind-screw” by the Associate Producer, Kevin Krikst, the film enchanted a packed house at Town Hall. The film centers around a scruffy, shambolic history professor at the fictional University of Greater Toronto played by Jake Gyllenhall, who discovers his doppelganger and decides to confront him. Set in and around UofT campus, Toronto figures prominently in the film, accentuated by stunning, and virtually apocalyptic, scenes of the city. The sweeping panoramic shots of the city are accompanied by an ominous, haunting score. The film also stars Innis’ own Sarah Gadon, who has no fewer than four films under her resume this year alone.

Enemy panel photoFollowing the screening, Charlotte Mickie, an ardent supporter of Innis College and its students and a long-time film industry executive, moderated a lively discussion between the two associate producers of the film, Fraser Ash and Kevin Krikst. The three panelists covered a wide range of topics, from how the project received the blessing of Jose Saramago to the choice of Toronto as the setting for the story. The discussion provided valuable insight and behind-the-scenes detail on how a small, independent film such as “Enemy” goes from conception to its eventual distribution.

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