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From Kickstarter to Your Kitchen: Innis Alumni Brothers Collaborate on a Cleaner Way to Compost

Ditch the mess of organic waste disposal by making the kitchen compost container itself compostable.

U of T grads, and brothers, Morgan (Innis ’07) and Jackson (Innis ’12) Wyatt have developed The Greenlid: a first-of-its-kind product to simplify the process of getting organic waste from your kitchen counter to your outdoor bin.


Breaking it Down

The Greenlid works like this:

1. Dispose of your organic waste into the 100% post-consumer recycled and 100% leak-free bucket.

2. Seal in the contents by placing the re-useable, dishwasher-friendly and green lid on top.

3. When full, keep the lid and drop the bucket and its contents into your outdoor receptacle.

4. Rest easy knowing that you do not have to retrace that trail of compost drippings on your floor, nor do you have to clumsily and messily wash out your filthy plastic bin.

5. Rest easier still knowing that the bucket that you just disposed is completely biodegradable, and can actually improve compost quality due to its fibrous make-up.

Does this sound simple, practical and responsible? Morgan and Jackson think so. The Greenlid also looks cool on your counter, with a pale green lid, styled in the likeness of a retro garbage can, and the natural and neutral look of the bucket.

A Family Affair

The Greenlid materialized out of the converging knowledge and talents of two brothers, who began their educational careers at the University of Toronto. Morgan specialized in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, while earning his HBSc from U of T. He went on to earn an MRes in Biomedical Research (Imperial College) and recently a PhD in Chemical Biology (McMaster). When it comes to biochemical processes, such as composting, Morgan is definitely an expert. Pair this with the skillset of his brother Jackson, who, upon completing his HBSc from U of T enrolled in a Bachelor the Industrial Design program (Humber), and you get the perfect recipe for the invention of the Greenlid.

True to Their School

The Wyatt brothers worked in collaboration with fellow U of T alumnus, Casey McWilliams (Innis ’08), and his brother, Kody, to film and produce a two-minute promotional video for The Greenlid. The McWilliams brothers are the creative minds, eyes, ears and hands behind Fourth Frame Films, an emerging Toronto-based media production company. Together, the brothers shot the Greenlid’s promo video for use in its recent Kickstarter campaign.


Getting a Kick Start

Morgan and Jackson are taking advantage of the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, to take The Greenlid to the next level. Click here to view their Kickstarter profile. Crowdfunding technology opens up the field of prospective investors to a global audience. Virtually anyone from anywhere can make a monetary contribution of any size in exchange for Greenlid product. Currently, the Greenlid has 189 backers and has accumulated 43% of its $25, 000 goal, with 15 days to go before the campaign ends. Why the need for initial investment? As Morgan explains, in a recent interview with the Innis Alumni Office,

We chose to launch The Greenlid using Kickstarter in order to raise enough funds to pay for both the molds (lid and containers) as well as meet minimum order requirements. It is also a great way to showcase your product online, and we are already having tremendous interest from retail stores across Canada. However, we are still pretty far from our target goal of $25k, but we are hoping in the following 2 weeks to have an increase in backers, who have been putting off purchasing until the end.

The Wyatt’s have been aggressively marketing this campaign, with features in web and news media outlets that range from GlobalNews to BlogTO to TechCrunch. Marketing, graphic design, web development and business modelling, are just a few of the skills that the Wyatt’s have had to hone in order to turn this compelling yet simple idea into a reality. When asked how his undergraduate education at U of T prepared him for this endeavour, Morgan credits both his accumulated knowledge of chemical biology, and more generally his sharpened ability to, “successfully act on ideas” that he develops.

With this combination of education, motivation, initiative and creativity, and little brotherly love, it appears that the Greenlid will be the first of many successful innovations for Morgan and Jackson Wyatt.

Click here to read the full interview with Morgan Wyatt, on the Innis College Alumni website.
Click here to visit the Greenlid Kickstarter webpage. The campaign closes on Sunday, March 16, 2014.
Click here to visit the official Greenlid website.
Click here to follow the Greenlid on Facebook.

Submitted by Ben Weststrate (Innis ’08)


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