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Innis Alumnus, Kofi Hope Talks to UofT News About Inciting Positive Change

Rhodes Scholar and Innis alumnus, Kofi Hope was recently featured in a U of T News article describing his work with the CEE Center for Young Black Professionals and the importance of being truly involved in one’s community in order to create significant positive change. “It comes on the backs of struggle, of engagement, of hard work, of building community, of advocating, of sometimes radical action. But, it doesn’t just happen through osmosis, and it doesn’t just happen through tweeting,” he says. “We actually have to get off our butts and get engaged to build the future we want.”

Innis College had the pleasure of hosting Kofi during the 2016 Innis Awards Ceremony, during which he emphasized the positive effects of following one’s passions, giving back to the community, and showing genuine gratitude. Click here to view the entire speech.

On January 18, 2016 Kofi was interviewed by the CBC Radio show, Ontario Today where he discussed Barack Obama and the significance of having a powerful public figure that African Americans, people of mixed ethnic backgrounds and younger generations could look up to. To hear the interview in its entirety click here.