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New transcript to record extracurricular involvement: University of Toronto’s Co-Curricular Record

U of T has announced an exciting new initiative that will help students find involvement opportunities on campus, connect their co-curricular activities to the competencies that they have developed, and have them validated on an official institutional document.

Over the past year, staff, faculty and students have already provided valuable input into the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) during more than 100 consultations on the three campuses.

“The CCR is more than just a list of activities,” says Lucy Fromowitz, Assistant Vice-President, Student Life. “It’s a way of recognizing that students learn and develop valuable competencies from participating in activities outside the classroom.”

Engagement has many benefits for students. Engaged students do better academically, and by being involved, students develop a deeper relationship at the University and have more interaction with faculty and staff. The CCR will make it easier for students to get involved by providing the ability to easily search for opportunities online. The CCR will also provide recognition of the activity and help students identify the skills they have developed, which they can share with potential employers or on applications for further education.

Tim Worgan, the Dean of Students & Residence at Innis College, says “our Innis students have always been highly engaged in our community, whether it’s in our Leadership & Mentorship programs, Community Outreach initiatives, or through the Life Skills development workshops offered through the Innis Office of Student Life.  Members of both the IRC and ICSS actively participate in the governance of our Innis College boards, committees, and council and are at the root of our community.  All these efforts will now be officially recognized on the University’s Co-Curricular Record.”

More than 75 staff, faculty and students from across the University have been working hard to develop the CCR.  At Innis, in order to maintain parity with our governing structure, our local CCR Evaluation Committee consists of six faculty or staff members, and six student leaders, including both Presidents of  the Innis Residence Council and the Innis College Student Society.

For more information on the CCR, visit For more information on the implementation of the CCR at Innis College, please contact Tim Worgan, Dean of Students & Residence at


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