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Alumnus Dr. Alan Bernstein Shares His Story with Innis

Alumnus Dr. Alan Bernstein (O.C., BSc Innis ’68, PhD ’72) shares his story with students at Innis College as part of Alumni Speaker Series

bernstein_event_photoStudents and alumni of Innis College and the wider UofT community enjoyed an intimate talk with Dr. Alan Bernstein, an internationally renowned scientific leader and innovator, and one of Canada’s leading health researchers. Dr. Bernstein shared his remarkable career story from his early days as an undergraduate student at UofT to his current work as President and CEO of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR).

In a wide-ranging talk, Dr. Bernstein covered the full gamut of topics, from offering valuable career advice to steering discussion around the global response to the Ebola crisis. Students were interested to learn more about the challenges of funding sweeping research projects at CIFAR and how critical scientific studies are promoted and advanced. But, Dr. Bernstein did not limit the talk to his work in health research, often reminding students that work-life balance is a key to success. He stressed the value of staying engaged for students and striking a balance between their recreational interests and respective areas of study.

Dr. Bernstein also addressed the convocating class of Innis and Trinity College in June, 2014.

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