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Urban Studies Program Continues Expansion

The Urban Studies Program at Innis College is pleased to announce new exciting courses in three relevant and popular areas of study.  Professors Shauna Brail and David Roberts will be teaching the courses beginning in fall 2014. 

JGI 450Y1 Planning for Change: Community Development in Practice (Shauna Brail)

This course offers senior undergraduates the opportunity to participate in a service learning course alongside graduate students. Students will examine theory and practice related to service learning and will conduct a research project designed with a community organization. The course aims to unite theory and practice by providing analytical tools to connect academic and community development work.

INI 332H1 Cities and Mega-events: Opportunities and Challenges (David Roberts)

Mega-events, like the Olympics, give cities the opportunity to showcase themselves to the world, but the production tv-friendly urban images do much to obscure the processes, compromises and social consequences in host cities. This course will explore the challenges and opportunities that cities and nations face in hosting such events.

This course is currently being offered as a 4th year seminar; it will be offered as a 3rd year course in 2014-15 to accommodate high student demand.

INI 234H1 Cities in Popular Culture (David Roberts)

This course will focus on how cities are depicted in popular culture and how these depictions shape knowledge of urban spaces and their material condition.

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