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A Time For Renewal

Thousands of Innis College and University of Toronto students use Town Hall, Innis College’s 200-person screening facility, for classes, special events, student film festivals, and workshops. Town Hall also welcomes more than 50,000 community visitors each year for film festivals, receptions, symposia, and public lectures.

While Town Hall has served Innis students, the Cinema Studies Institute, and the public capably for thirty-five years, a major transformation is needed. A renewed Town Hall will help us to meet the needs of our students and the Cinema Studies Institute (CSI). The renovations will also allow us to continue to support the needs of community film festivals and events.

To bring Town Hall up to modern standards, we are planning a $3.2 million revitalization of the facility. The renovations will completely transform Town Hall by:

  • Enhancing the comfort and versatility of Town Hall by adding new seats, foldaway tablet arms for student lectures, new flooring and carpeting, and better lighting;
  • Improving the sound quality through extensive wall insulation and the installation of high-fidelity sound system;
  • Elevating the viewing experience by upgrading Town Hall’s film projectors and expanding the projection booth;
  • Improving the lobby and reception area – encouraging more interaction among students, faculty, visiting filmmakers, and community members.

Launched in 2013, our new matching program also ensures that all donations to the Town Hall campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by Innis College. 

For more information regarding the Town Hall fundraising campaign, please contact

Ennis Blentic, Advancement Officer at 416-978-3424 or at


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