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2016 Innis Awards Ceremony

2016 Innis Awards Ceremony

Innis College extends its deepest gratitude to our alumni and friends community, whose continued support has made these awards possible. Visit to learn about ways to foster Innis’s proud legacy of dynamic, innovative, and community-oriented leadership and education. Your contribution goes a long way toward bolstering the local College community. Through your generosity, Innis College was able to present 376 deserving students with a variety of academic and leadership awards on the evening of November 22, 2016.

We’d like to thank the talented Graham Coulter and Calder Morton-Ferguson for helping us celebrate the achievements of their fellow Innis students with beautiful musical performances. Finally, we’d like to thank our guest of honor, Innis alumnus Kofi Hope.

Upon graduating from Innis College in 2006, Kofi Hope was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship for his outstanding academic achievement and social justice advocacy. He completed a MSc in African Studies and a DPhil in Politics from Oxford University. Kofi has led a remarkable career as a community activist, youth advocate, and public speaker. He is currently Executive Director of the Careers Education Empowerment Centre for Young Black Professionals, an organization that seeks to increase economic opportunities and support for Black youth in Toronto’s priority neighborhoods. View Kofi’s entire speech below or read the transcript here.




Leadership Award Recipients


Leadership Award Recipients

Audrey Perry Student Life Award

Khrystyna Zhuk

Dean Garry Spencer Award

Thomas Edward Hayes

Edward Moss Davidson and Hilda Ruth Rous Davidson OSOTF Award

Zakerie Farah

Edward Moss Davidson and Hilda Ruth Rous Davidson Scholarship

Dillon Caines

Harold Innis Foundation Prize

Brianne Katz-Griffin

Innis College Alumni Scholarship

Teodora Pasca

Innis College GRADitude OSOTF Award

Brianne Katz-Griffin

Innis Emerging Leader Award

Stephanie Marlaina Kroone

Innis Residence Leadership

James Champman

Taddle Creek Residence Life Award

Elspeth Arbow

Christian Ramirez

Victoria Wilson

Wasser Achievement Award

Elspeth Arbow

Graham Coutler

Hei Lam Kwok

Lanxin Li

Tian Nie


This evening would not have been possible without the generosity of our alumni and friends community. Your contributions to Innis College have funded the 67 different awards and scholarships that were presented to our students, aiding them in their pursuit of higher education.