FIRST-YEAR Foundations Innis One

FYF Innis One Courses

FYF Innis One: The Creative City is a First-Year Foundations (FYF) program. Here you’ll explore your relationship with urban life, discovering how your own experiences, passions, and history intersect with the civic and social justice issues, stories, and incredible creative landscape of Toronto.

The program has four half-credit (0.5) courses; you can enrol in one or two of the courses.

Browse through the course listings to see what you’re interested in, and then visit the individual pages for more information.

Professor: Shawn Micallef
Course Code: INI101H1
Time: Winter term, Thursdays 3–6pm
Through building your own blog, you’ll learn about the city as a multi-faceted creative environment that promotes social justice, equality, cooperation, and civility.
Professor: Anna Lee-Popham
Course Code: INI102H1
Time: Winter term, Fridays 1–4pm
Through this introduction to creative writing techniques and the personal essay form, you’ll explore your relationship to the places you have lived, including Toronto’s natural-urban landscape.
Professor: Adam Nayman
Course Code: INI100H1
Time: Fall term, Wednesdays 1–4pm
Through a dynamic combination of lectures, screenings, field trips, and special guest speakers, you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to Toronto’s vibrant film culture.
Professor: Hamutal Dotan
Course Code: INI106H1
Time: Fall term, Fridays 1–4pm
In this beginner’s guide to literary journalism, you’ll study the craft of storytelling, along with interviewing, reporting, and the journalist’s ethical stance.

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