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The Innis College Council (ICC) is composed of four primary standing committees, known as boards. These are Academic AffairsCollege AffairsCommunity Affairs, and Student Affairs. Boards may in turn establish special and standing committees. The further nested a committee is, within this hierarchy, the more specific and tangible its discussions and decision-making are. Inversely, committees will report upon their activities successively up the hierarchy (e.g., from committee to board to council). Review the diagram, below, for an illustration of this cascading reporting structure.

Boards typically meet two to three times per academic year (i.e., between ICC meetings). Meetings are chaired by one moderator, in coordination with one secretary. Both positions are elected at the first board meeting. Moderators are responsible for reporting on their respective board activities at subsequent general council meetings.

A fifth major standing committee, the Executive Committee, is made up of all board moderators, the college principal, the student society president, the council secretary, and the two council speakers. It meets prior to each general council meeting to set the agenda.

Each voting member of ICC is expected to participate on at least one of the four boards. To participate on a given subcommittee, as a voting member, you should also be a member of any overarching board (e.g., RAAC < Student Affairs Board). Please complete the form below to indicate your preferences.