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Academic Affairs Board

2017/18 Membership

  • Moderator: Sharon English
  • Secretary: Bart Testa
  • Ex Officio: Yolanda Alfaro (ICSS president), Elspeth Arbow (speaker, ICC), Shauna Brail (director, Urban Studies Program), Corinn Columpar (director, CSI), Sharon English (director, Writing & Rhetoric Program), Charlie Keil (principal), Joanne Uyede (speaker, ICC)
  • General Members: Kass Banning, Joel Colby, Lucas Granger, Kate Johnson, Tony Pi, Bart Testa
  • Assessor: James Chapman (undergraduate don), Ben Weststrate (secretary, ICC), Angela Zimba (undergraduate program assistant, CSI)

Upcoming Meetings

  • None scheduled

Composition, Powers & Responsibilities

(excerpt from Innis College Council Constitution, pp. 4-5)

  1. Composition: The Academic Affairs Board shall consist of at least sixteen members, including:
    • ex officio: four members defined in By-Law II.D.3, the Vice Principal, the Director of the Cinema Studies Institute, the Director of the Urban Studies Program, the Director of the Writing and Rhetoric Program, and the Assistant Principal and Registrar, or their designates;
    • at least six student members of Council;
    • at least one other member of Council.
  2. Powers and Responsibilities: The Academic Affairs Board shall:
    • monitor the operation and effectiveness of the entire Innis College Academic Program;
    • advise Council on proposals for new academic programs, for the closure of any academic programs, for major or minor modifications to existing academic programs, and for INI courses (Definitions of major modifications of existing programs, minor modifications, and new academic programs are provided in the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process and are subject to change. Guidance from the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs, should be sought prior to the development of any such proposal.);
    • establish review procedures for Innis College courses and programs and recommend changes as indicated;
    • receive the reports of the Cinema Studies Program Committee, the Urban Studies Program Committee, and the Writing and Rhetoric Program Committee.