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Upcoming Meetings

  • None scheduled

2020-21 Membership

  • Moderator: TBD
  • Secretary: TBD
  • Ex officio members: Joyce Hahn (CAO), Charlie Keil (college principal), Breanna Lima Martinez (ICSS president, council speaker), Joanne Uyede (council speaker), Ben Weststrate (communications officer)
  • General Members: TBD

Agendas, Minutes, Documentation

Composition, Powers & Responsibilities


The Accessibility Committee shall consist of at least 16 members, including:

  • ex officio: four members defined in By-Law II.D.3, the assistant principal and registrar, the chief administrative officer, the dean of students, the president of Later Life Learning, or their designates;
  • at least 4 other members of the ICSS;
  • the communications officer;
  • the technical facilities officer;
  • a member of the teaching staff


Powers and Responsibilities:

The Accessibility Committee shall:

  • advise the College Affairs Board on policies pertaining to the accessibility of college facilities and services offered;
  • have representation on special committees that advise on facility planning projects at the College, at the discretion of the Principal;
  • compile information on barriers to accessibility within the facilities and services of the College, report findings to the College Affairs Board, and advise the Board on measures to alleviate found barriers;
  • serve as a forum for discussion of accessibility at Innis College.