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Community Affairs Board

The Community Affairs Board is also comprised of the (special) Art Committee.

Upcoming Meetings

Agendas, Minutes, Documentation

2020/21 Membership

  • Moderator: Tony Hu
  • Secretary: Maria Bon
  • Ex Officio Members: Ennis Blentic (associate director, advancement), Joyce Hahn (CAO), Charlie Keil (principal), Breanna Lima Martinez (ICSS president, council speaker), Ella Ma (IRC president), Joanne Uyede (council speaker)
  • General Members: Yona Anderson, Maria Bon (Innis Residence don designate), Lucas Granger, Nancy Green, Tony Hu, Annie Liu, Miriam Moren, Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, Noel Simpson, Rolla Tahir, Kenny Trinh, Ben Weststrate (assessor), Andrea Williams, Lina Yan
Composition, Powers & Responsibilities

(excerpt from Innis College Council Constitution, pp. 8-9)

  1. Composition: The Community Affairs Board shall consist of at least sixteen members, including:
    1. ex officio: four members defined in By-Law II.D., the Chief Administrative Officer, the Associate Director, Advancement, the IRC President, ICSS Graduating Student Representative;
    2. the alumni member of Council;
    3. the President of Later Life Learning or delegate;
    4. one Principal’s Appointee to Council selected by the Principal;
    5. one faculty member of Council selected by the Principal;
    6. three student members of Council.
  2. Powers and Responsibilities: The Community Affairs Board shall:
    1. monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the College fund-raising and public relations strategies;
    2. encourage the development of responsive relationships between the College and the community;
    3. receive the reports pertaining to alumni development;
    4. receive the reports of Later Life Learning .