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Staff Nominations

Using the form below, please submit your nominations for staff representatives for the upcoming session of Innis College Council. Please be aware that the deadline for your nominee to accept the nomination is Thursday, September 20 at 5 pm.

  • Please indicate which category of staff representative you are nominating this person for.
  • Definitions
    Section 2-I of the ICC Constitution defines "teaching staff" as a member of Innis College or the Cinema Studies Institute who holds an academic appointment of 50% or more at the University of Toronto and who holds the title of Professor; Associate Professor; Assistant Professor; Professor, Teaching Stream; Associate Professor, Teaching Stream; Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream; Senior Lecturer; Lecturer; Senior Tutor; Tutor; Assistant Professor (conditional); or Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream (conditional).

    Section 2-J of the ICC Constitution defines "administrative staff" as an appointed staff member of Innis College and/or the Cinema Studies Institute who is not a member of the teaching staff and who holds an appointment of 25% or more.

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