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Innis College Alumni Mentorship Program

Innis Alumni Mentorship Program loloThe Innis Alumni Mentorship Program connects current students with alumni and friends of the College. We facilitate one to one mentee-mentor relationships for students to learn from the valuable experiences of alumni. Mentors help students take full advantage of their university experience and prepare them for the next step after graduation.

With the guidance of a mentor, the program is an opportunity for students to learn more about a career, discover the current needs and culture of their field-of-interest, and work towards a personal or career-orientated goal. Mentoring enables alumni to have a direct impact on students by broadening a mentee’s university experience and enriching the Innis College community.

Mentors are also invited to work towards their own development goals alongside their mentees. Mentoring may assist in reinforcing a mentor’s knowledge of their field, hone their speaking abilities, and expand their leadership skills.

The mentorship program will occasionally host discussions and workshops to provide additional development opportunities for mentors and mentees.

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Meet mentor Jim and his former mentee Francisca!