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The Innis Alumni Mentorship Program pairs current students with alumni to help you discover expectations and possibilities after graduation, and expand your university experience. This one to one mentorship program is an excellent opportunity to gather wisdom from someone who has been in your shoes.

Program details

Your mentor will be an alum from Innis College, the Cinema Studies Institute, the Urban Studies program, the Writing & Rhetoric program, or a friend of the College. Mentors in the program work in many different fields including medicine, law, media, education, film production, community development, and more.

Mentees will be paired with an alum based on the career, academic, and personal interests expressed by participants during registration. Your mentor may not necessarily have your dream job, but the diverse paths taken in their career will help guide you in your journey.

If successfully matched, mentees are expected to meet a minimum of once per month, from March to August, via the preferred method of communication agree upon with your mentor.

This mentee opportunity is accredited on your co-curricular record.

How to join

Your first step is to register for the program by the February 24, 2021 deadline (at 11:59 pm EST). To be eligible, you must be currently registered as either:

  1. an Innis College student,
  2. a student of an Innis-affiliated program (Cinema Studies, Urban Studies, or Writing & Rhetoric),
  3. or living in Innis Residence.

Students would then be asked to attend a small-group virtual chat with a program coordinator to elaborate on their goals for the program before matching begins.

Matches are not guaranteed. By filling out the form, students will join a pool of eligible mentees who we try to match with an available alum. Your thoughtful, sincere answers during the registration process and the virtual chat will help us search for an alum-mentor that matches your profile and the experiences you want to gain from the program.

Additional details will be provided by the program coordinators and updated on the Mentorship resources page as they become available.

How to be a successful mentee

Successful one on one mentorship requires active commitment from participants. During the process, student registrants should demonstrate their commitment and desire to benefit from the program, their professionalism, and the alignment of their personal, academic, and career aspirations with the experiences of one of our mentors.

Mentee must demonstrate:

  • initiative in setting up meetings and following-up with your mentor
  • ability to meet at least once per month from March to August
  • willingness to complete provide feedback, and attend workshops and discussions to meet your program goals

Mentees are responsible for making the most out of their mentorship experience. Additional expectations are outlined in the Mentee Terms of Agreement at the end of the registration form.

Additional details will be provided by the program coordinators and updated on the Mentorship Resources page as they become available. On this page, you will also find resources to support your experience including the Mentorship Handbook which provides further information about the program and offers tips on professionalism and networking.

Innis is here to make sure you have a great experience. At any point you can reach out to the mentorship coordinators at

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