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The Innis Alumni Mentorship Program is dedicated to facilitating instructive and meaningful connections between current students and alumni and friends of the College. Through one to one mentee-mentor relationships, alumni mentors can share their valuable experiences and insights with student mentees, helping them expand their university experience and prepare for the expectations and opportunities after graduation.

Reconnect with Innis College by volunteering as a mentor—support current students, sharpen your leadership skills, and broaden your network.

Program Details

Your mentee will be a student from Innis College, an Innis-affiliated academic program, or currently lives in Innis Residence. You will be paired with a mentee whose aspirations are complementary to your experiences and have demonstrated their commitment and desire to benefit from the program.

We encourage mentees and mentors to meet once per month, or more often, via the preferred method agreed upon with your mentee.

Early in your mentorship, participants will complete the Mentee-Mentor Agreement. This agreement is in place for both the mentee and the mentor to outline their goals and expectations for the program, and it will serve as a guide to ensure commitment and accountability.

The mentorship cycle runs May to August and will occasionally feature discussions and workshops to provide additional development opportunities for mentors and mentees.

Additional information can be found on the Mentorship Resources page. This resources page includes a Mentorship Handbook which provides further information about the program and offers tips on professionalism and networking.

Innis is here to support your experience. You should feel free at any time to connect with the mentorship coordinators at or 416-978-1563.


Please register below to join our pool of alumn mentors and tell us about your academic, career, and person experience(s). The information you provide will help us find a student-mentee that matches your profile.


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