First-Year Foundations Innis One

About FYF Innis One

FYF Innis One: The Creative City is an exciting program designed expressly for first-year students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, regardless of which college you’re affiliated with.

These courses encourage you to explore your relationship with urban life, specifically how your own experiences, passions, and history intersect with the civic and social justice issues, stories, and incredible creative landscape that make up Toronto.

You’ll find influences from the three academic programs housed at Innis College: Cinema Studies, Urban Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric.

What is the FYF Innis One Program?

FYF Innis One: The Creative City is an Innis-designed First-Year Foundations (FYF) thematic program comprised of four half-credit (0.5 FCE) courses. It’s one of seven unique FYF “Ones” programs, each hosted by a specific U of T college under the Faculty of Arts & Science umbrella. As long as you are an Arts & Science student, you can register for any of the college FYF Ones programs, regardless of your college affiliation.

You can also register for FYF@Innis seminars; also designed for first-year students, these are individual, small-group courses that will pique your curiosity about a wide range of provocative issues and topics. Learn more about FYF@Innis seminars.

Why should I choose the FYF Innis One Program?

As a first-year student you have so many program and course options to choose from; that can be overwhelming, especially when some of your courses take place in large lecture halls with many students. FYF Innis One: The Creative City offers you both experiential-based learning  and the following unique opportunities:

What will I learn?

Drawing from Innis College’s three academic programs — Cinema Studies, Urban Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric — FYF Innis One teaches you that some of the best learning — not just about a subject, but about yourself — can happen beyond the lecture hall. You’ll come away with a greater appreciation of the interplay between personally driven writing, film, and urban life. You’ll have the opportunity to develop writing, research, and analytical skills, important in establishing a successful academic and work career.

What is the format?

Get ready to step out of the classroom: within the four courses that comprise Innis One: The Creative City, you’ll be with the same small group of no more than 25 students and a passionate professor ready to engage in dynamic discussions:

  • Explore the city on field trips Listen to interesting guest lecturers.
  • Watch and critique films. 
  • Express yourself through creative writing assignments, articles, blogs, and multi-media presentations.

Meet the program coordinator

About FYF Innis One - Jannie Chien

Jannie Chien

Program Coordinator

Jannie provides extensive administrative support to the FYF Innis One, Urban Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric programs. She is an alumna of Innis College and graduated in 2017 with double majors in sociology and human geography. Previously, she worked as the front-line advisor at the Innis Registrar’s Office for two years.

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Need more info about FYF Innis One? Not sure which courses are right for you? Innis College’s academic program coordinator, Rima Oassey, can help!

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Their names are similar, and both programs come under the First-Year Foundations (FYF) umbrella, but each offers different options. 

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